Stabila 38532 78" + 32" Magnetic Jamber Set

by Stabila
Magnetic Jamber Set makes for fast and accurate door installations. Stabila's 78" level fills the 80" jamb legs. The 32" level sets 2/8 and 3/0 headers and sills. Set hollow-core doors with the casing installed on the hinge side, then Stick the 78" level right to the hinge barrels, and nail off the jamb hands free. On metal jambs stick the 78" level to any part of the Jamb; then Stick the 32" level to the header. Level and plumb both at once.
  • Magnetic version of Stabila's new "best of the best"professional level
  • Wider profile which means an even stronger frame
  • Accuracy is certified, top and bottom readings
  • Rubber pad end caps and wall grips are functional yet removable for flush measuring
  • Rare Earth magnet technology for holding power to metal studs, beams, and pipe


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