Festool 495020 Systainer Cart

by Festool

Festool 495020 Sys-Cart

The most efficient workshops incorporate an array of wheeled, mobile solutions, so workstations can be customized according to task, then reconfigured at a moment's notice. Enhance your own efficiency with a new low-profile, rugged SYS-Cart that allows you to create custom assortments of tools and accessories for job-specific tasks.

Large 3-15/16" locking casters easily maneuver cracks and obstacles, while ensuring that your goods stay put. Locking latches grip your SYS-components securely, while a wide base eliminates concern over top-heavy stacks of equipment. Easily transport up to 220 lbs in less time, and with less fatigue. Navigate the shop floor or the jobsite easily with large casters and an ultrawide, stable roller platform. Fast and strong sliding latches quickly capture Systainers for a quick, secure, and efficient transport method

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