Makita 5104 10-1/4" HD Circular Saw

by Makita
Sold out

Makita 5104 10-1/4" circular saw is designed to cut up to 4 times more material in a single pass giving you cleaner cuts, and comes with all of the safety features you need to get more work done while still being safe.

  • Cuts up to 4-times more material in a single pass
  • Large cutting and bevel capacity (3-3/4" at 90º and 2-3/4" at 45º)
  • Precision gearing with ball and needle bearing design
  • Electric brake for maximum safety and productivity
  • Adjustable top guide to align notches with line of cut for improved accuracy
  • Blade wrench is attached to the saw for fast blade changing
  • Flat motor housing design for convenient blade changes
  • Large, conveniently located adjustment knobs and levers for easier adjustments
  • Well balanced and weighs only 18.3 pounds for better control
  • Front, top and rear handles are positioned to fit hands comfortably for better control
  • Large ejection port efficiently discards saw dust
  • One (1) Makita 10-1/4" Circular Saw
  • One (1) Carbide Tipped Blade (A-94910)
  • One (1) Blade Wrench (783204-6)
  • One (1) Rip Fence (165499-7)

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