Black Walnut 4/4 Rough Lumber - 10 Board Foot Pack


The pack contains assorted sizes of rough sawn Black Walnut boards between 5" to 8" wide x 84" to 85" long x 1" thick. A variety of boards totaling 10 BF. (Boards sold individually in store)

This beautiful dark wood is admired by woodworkers for its abundance of flowing and often swirling grain patterns and dark color. The wood is dense enough to be used for flooring and furniture, but not so hard as to be difficult to work with hand tools.

It glues, stains, and finishes well. Some common uses for black walnut include: furniture, cabinets, gun stocks, interior paneling, veneer, turned items, and other small wooden objects such as pens, bottle stoppers, knife handles and pepper mills.

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