CMT 222.096.12 12" x 96T Plexiglass / Plastic Blade

by CMT
SKU CMT 222.096.12

The CMT Orange Tool brand is known throughout the world's woodworking community as the premium brand of woodworking cutting tools. The CMT mission is to continually improve their quality while offering the finest quality at affordable prices.

This innovative industrial saw blade employs a special modified alternate top bevel grind (MATB) and a unique micro grain carbide formulation that allows it to cut plastics and Plexi-glass without melting! The blade gives excellent results in thin plastic, Plexi-glass, vinyl, plywood and laminated flooring and good results in thick plastic and laminates.

  • Heavy-duty cutting, smooth finish with no melting. For radial arm saws, miter/table, special saws.
  • Cut thin plastic, phenolic, plexiglass, vinyl, laminate flooring and plywood.
  • 0.110 kerf thickness, 0.087 plate thickness, -3 hook angle, Alternate top bevel with chamfer grind.
  • Chrome carbide cutting edges guarantee long cutting performance.
  • Anti-vibration design, expansion slots to reduce noise, tight tolerance, longer lifetime.

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