Festool 497657 Guide Rail Accessory Kit

by Festool

Festool 497657 Guide Rail Accessory Kit

A complete kit to maximize usage with plunge saws or routers. Includes: Angle unit, Return/limit stop, Extra splinter guard (1400 mm), Deflector, 2 connectors and 2 screw clamps all in a Systainer 1. This is the kit that gives you everything you need when you are cutting down sheets with angles.

Take the angle unit and place it against the surfaces you are trying to fit the piece into, then hook it onto the Festool guide rail and make your cut. Scribe cabinets when the walls are not plumb. Used to cut down sheets when sheeting a roof with dormers. Flooring guys can use it to scribe to a wall. Everything you need all in one systainer and with you at all times. No need to spend time looking for the pieces.

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