Freud EC-122 1/4" Radius / Bullnose Shaper Cutter - 3/4" Bore

by Freud
Save $30.00

These computer balanced three-wing cutters are a necessity to anyone who has a shaper. They can be used for cutting beads and rounding the end of boards. 

  • TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide
  • Anti-Kickback Design
  • Thick micrograin carbide tips.
  • Shear Angle
  • Computer Balancing
  • Ideal For: For cutting beads and rounding the end of boards.
  • Machine Use: Shaper
  • Materials: Wood, Wood Composites


Overall Diameter 2-7/8"
Carbide Height 15/16"
Bore Diameter 3/4"
Large Radius 1/4"


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