JDS 1999 Sensing-Saf-Start Line Interrupting Switch - 240V

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The JDS 1999 Sensing Saf-Start® helps to comply with OSHA's anti-automatic restart requirement. When installed on any equipment and there is an electrical power interruption to the equipment, the SENSING-SAF-START® will open the circuit so when the power source is restored, it will prevent the equipment from restarting. Use this SENSING-SAF-START® Plug on all 240 Volt powered machines that have good power cords on them already.

  • Twenty inch cord on equipment switch end. Eight foot cord on power end (no plug).
  • 200 to 240-volts, A.C., 15-amp maximum(single phase), 50/60 cycle
  • Meets CSA, OSHA, NEC 2014, NFPA 79 standards 


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