Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig

by Kreg

Kreg K-5 Pocket Hole Jig

The latest version of Kreg's pocket-hole joinery system, the K5 incorporates an improved quick-release clamping fixture and a redesigned indexing pin that speeds switching from one stock thickness to another.

Made from glass-reinforced nylon with a hardened steel drilling insert, the jig lets you center two holes 9/16", 7/8" or 1-7/16" apart, depending on material width. The clamp has a toothed ratcheting mechanism that provides 1-3/8" of coarse adjustment, allowing you to quickly snug the jaw up to the work by hand. A convenient front-mounted handle moves the non-marring jaw up to 3/4" for final tightening or instant release. Removable 1-1/2" thick stock-support wings help stabilize long workpieces, and have built-in storage compartments for drill and driver bits or other accessories. The spring-loaded indexing pin lets you position the drilling block to accommodate material from 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick in 1/8" increments.

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