Kunz No 5 Plus Jack Hand Plane

SKU Kunz No 5

Kunz is a family owned company that has been manufacturing premium performance planes exclusively in Germany since 1992. Using cutting edge technology Kunz are recognised worldwide as a leading authority in the design and manufacture of hand planes and spokeshaves. This new No5 jack plane is from the Kunz Plus premium series which have plane bodies that are manufactured from durable, stress annealed grey iron castings. The soles and the sides of the castings are precision milled to be flat and square.

  • Precision manufactured in Germany
  • Body made from an annealed grey iron casting
  • Mechanically polished sole with precision milled rectangular sides
  • Blade adjustment is by one one screw, a technique developed on the legendary Norris planes
  • Premium quality German cherry is used for the handles
  • Low profile front handle and body design ensure for optimum comfort and control
  • Plane iron made from 3.5mm thick tool steel hardened to 60 to 62 HRC
  • Lever cap made from brushed stainless steel

The plane iron is made from 3.5mm thick tool steel and hardened between 60 to 62 HRC to guarantee a significantly long edge life. The iron is seated optimally on top of the frog and all surfaces of the chip breaker and cap iron are finely machined to minimise blade chatter. The brass frog fine-adjustment screw allows you to close the throat opening for controlling tear out on problem woods. The blade adjuster design is based on Norris style planes and features an improved adjuster which consists of a single screw post with two sets of threads in barrel nuts to ensure smooth control of the depth of cut and the lateral positioning of the blade.

Both the rear handle and the front knob are made and beautifully finished from German cherry and the low profile front handle and body design ensures for optimum comfort and control. A true Jack-of-all-trades, this No5 jack plane will perform trimming, smoothing and flattening tasks accurately and effortlessly. This No5 jack plane has a sole length of 350mm with a plane iron width of 50mm and weighs in at 2.8kg. The Kunz Plus range of planes are made exclusively in Germany and designed for the discerning cabinet maker. They are quite simply an exquisite range of hand planes. 

Made in Germany.