Laguna IQ Pro 24" X 36" CNC Machine - 3HP Spindle

by Laguna
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Laguna Tools is pleased to announce an exciting new member of the Laguna SmartShop CNC Series. This machine features a work envelope of 24" x 36" and includes an industrial-grade Liquid cooled electrospindle.

The NEW Laguna IQ CNC Router redefines the future of computer numerical control in woodworking. The Laguna IQ is simply a smaller version of the popular Laguna SmartShop technology. A smaller footprint but with the same accuracy and cut quality of much larger machines.


  • Motor: 3HP 220V / 20 Amp Single Phase
  • Spindle: Industrial Induction Spindle, Liquid Cooled
  • Spindle RPM: 6,000 - 24,000 RPM
  • Controller: Hand Held
  • Ball Screw: On All Axis
  • Gantry Clearance: 6 inches
  • Machine Work Table: 24 inches X 36 inches
  • Machine Foot Print: 32 inches X 50 inches
  • Work Envelope: 24 inches X 36 inches
  • Weight: 425lb / 193kg

Includes: V-carve Pro Software, CSA Certification, Amana Tooling Bit Set

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