Laguna Swift 4X8 CNC Router 3HP

by Laguna

Laguna Tools is pleased to announce an exciting new member of the Laguna Swift CNC Router Series. This machine features a work envelope of 48" x 96" and includes an industrial-grade liquid cooled electrospindle.

Compatible with Most Major CNC Software including: VCarve Pro, Mozaik, ASpire, Rhinoceros and more

  • Single phase router 220v /30 amp
  • 3 HP Water Cooled Electrospindle
  • 6,000 - 24,000 RPM Spindle
  • Hand Held Controller
  • Gantry Height: 8 inches
  • Ball Screw on Z Axis
  • Rack and Pinion on X and Y axis
  • Machine Foot Print: 79" X 120"
  • Useable Table: 48" x 96"

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