MAGSWITCH 8110125-KT Resaw Bandsaw Fence Kit

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This unique ball-bearing based resaw fence allows wood to flow more smoothly than anything you have ever tried. Will work on any cast iron or ferrous metal bandsaw table and allows the operator to place the fence at any position. You are no longer restricted to the use of the miter slot. Simply place the fence where you need it and turn on the powerful magnets then cut!!

Magswitch Technology Creates The Perfect Bandsaw Resaw Fence.

  • Angled to allow for blade drift, it also makes a perfect outfeed work support.
  • Precision sealed roller bearings. Smooth, non-maring flow of material.
  • Fast, precise setup on all steel or cast-iron tools.
  • Perfect for infeed/outfeed applications.
  • Angled face aids in adjusting for blade drift.åÊ

This kit comes with the 8110125 fence and the 8110112 Universal Base

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