MAGSWITCH 8110130 Dual Roller Fence

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The Dual Roller Support Brings Tall Panels Down To Size.
The unique Dual Roller support is the ultimate third hand when you are doing the most difficult and dangerous work.
It helps supports a tall panel, hold down a long piece of wood and steady your resaw projects. You will find a use on every cast-iron tool in your shop!

  • Designed for use with Magswitch universal mounting base (8110134).
  • Fast, precise set up on all steel or cast-iron tools.
  • Precision sealed roller bearings.
  • Smooth non-maring flow of material.
  • Holds material against fence for firm control of tall work pieces.

This part number and price is for the Dual Roller Fence Only. This fence is designed to mount on the Universal base found in the 8110134 Start Kit.

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