MAGSWITCH 8110328-KT Pro Featherboard Combo

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Magswitch Pro Featherboard Kit with the Vertical Attachment and Risers

The Pro Feathrboard with the Vertical Attachment Is Really Three Tools In One!
When used with the Magswitch Pro Featherboard, the Vertical Attachment creates an adjustable, stackable featherboard unlike any other on the market.
With the vertical attachment installed, hold wood snugly against the fence and table for a safer, cleaner cut.
Install one level of risers, or two, to handle a taller work piece.
Even allows you to add another set of risers and second vertical attachment to hold your tallest pieces with greater stability.

  • Versatile - no miter slot limitation.
  • Fast, accurate positioning.
  • Cut wider material.
  • Can be placed beyond the miter slot.
  • Provides powerful control.
  • Easy on/off operation

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