Stiletto TICLW-12 ClawBar - 8oz


The Stiletto TiCLW12 is a 11.5 in. Solid Titanium framing nail puller with a Dimpler feature. The TiCLW12 has Titanium strength, yet is lightweight in the hand and pouch. The patented Dimpler feature makes pulling nails cleaner and easier.  Titanium is 45% lighter weight while providing the same striking force and strength as steel. 

  • 11.5 in. solid titanium framing nail puller with dimple feature
  • Patented dimple feature makes pulling nails cleaner and easier
  • Titanium strength, yet lightweight in the hand and pouch
  • Super-strong open-trussed bar section comfortable to hold
  • 0.400 in. Dia dimpler, 11 1/2 in. overall length, 8.5 oz. overall weight
  • 2-framing nail pullers angled and straight end
  • Dimpler feature on angled end
  • Titanium strike plate and claw tips outlast steel bars
  • Durable high-polish finish
  • 3x longer tool life compared to steel bars

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