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As the name implies, this is a combination of an incredibly accurate rule and a good-quality straight edge. The cost is reasonable, and the performance is well beyond rules typically sold in stores made from flat steel or aluminum stock. As a layout rule, this one has accuracy that matches the best available. The scale is laser engraved (not printed) onto the rule for outstanding accuracy along its 24" length. The beveled edge puts the scale very close to the work surface to further improve the accuracy of your layout work.

It's also a great straight edge, too. It's half the cost of high-end steel straight edges while offering more than enough accuracy for machine setups or inspecting anything made from wood. Woodpeckers' CNC milling machines produce a rule with the edges straight and parallel to +/-0.003". The body is a stout 2-1/2" wide for excellent stiffness, and one edge has a groove machined into it for added stability when standing up on a surface. There's even a series of ridges in the body to make the rule easy to handle and hard to drop. As with any precision tool, care should be taken in handling and storage of the Woodpeckers Straight Edge Rule. Each tool comes in a fitted wooden wall case for safe storage and convenient access.

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