Slot Cutting Bits

DIMAR BB-22 BEARING w/ 7/8 OD, 5/16" (8mm) ID-Marson Equipment

DIMAR BB-22 Bearing w/ 7/8 OD, 5/16" (8mm) ID


Dimar's BB-22 bearing is commonly used on slot cutter arbors to create a 1/2" depth of cut. 7/8" O.D., 5/16" (8mm) I.D.

CMT 800.626.11 TONGUE & GROOVE SET-Marson Equipment

CMT 800.626.11 Tongue & Groove Set


Carbide tipped router bits featuring 3 cutting edges, antikick-back design and bearing Make tongue and groove joints without any need to disassemb...

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