Bosch GPL5 5-Point Self Leveling Laser


The 5-Point Self-Leveling Alignment Laser (GPL5) provides plumb, level and square point projections while featuring integrated reference lines, easy field recalibration and a smart pendulum leveling system. Included with the laser is a multi-purpose attachment, recalibration wrench, mounting strap, carrying case and three AA 15V batteries.

With the 5-Point Self-Leveling Alignment Laser the user can tackle a variety of applications including level, plumb, square and grade. The multi-purpose attachment (included) allows the user to position and mount the laser with magnets, strap or threaded mounts for versatile use. In addition, the laser is able to self-level, sense out-of-level conditions and lock when switched off, thanks to the smart pendulum leveling system.

  • Accuracy is maintained and downtime is prevented due to the easy field recalibration
  • Level, plumb, 90 Degrees square and grade points are accurately transferred and aligned
  • Precise positioning and tool and transfer of points is provided by the integrated reference lines
  • For convenience and easy transportation the laser is picket-sized, featuring an accessible battery compartment
  • The laser is able to self-level, sense and indicate to the user out-of-level condition and lock when switched off because of the smart pendulum leveling system
  • Plumb, level and square point projections are provided, allowing for precise positioning of tool and transfer points, creating easy and accurate transfer and alignment of points for level, plump, square and grade applications and tasks