Amana 610504C Prestige Electro-Blu™ Combination Blade - 10" x 50T 4+1

SKU Amana 610504C

Where one blade must do almost everything – ripping and crosscutting hardwood and softwood, cutting plywood – this blade is a good choice.  It is in the traditional combination-blade configuration, with a flat-top tooth and 4 alternate top bevel teeth in groupings of five. The large gullets at the raker tooth allow deep cuts with improved chip ejection.

    (D) Diameter 10"
    Teeth 50
    (d) Bore 5/8
    Tooth Grind 4 ATB + 1 FT
    Hook Angle 15°
    Kerf (B) .135 (3.4mm)
    Plate (C)

    .095 (2.4mm)

    Benefits of Electro-Blu™ Coating

    • Reduces resin accumulation and heat build-up
    • Tips stay sharper longer resulting in extended blade life
    • Applied by using an electrostatic bonding process