Amana RC-2250 Insert Carbide Surfacing, Rabbeting, Planing, Leveling 1-1/2 Dia x 1/2 x 1/2" Shank

by Amana

Mini insert carbide spoilboard surfacing & rabbeting with scorer, great for cutting tight corners. Features unique 2+2 insert knife design that contains two cutting flutes and two up-shear scorers, which provide a smoother finish at the bottom of the cut than traditional two-knife style router bits. Great for surface planing.

Perfect for:

  • Resurfacing spoilboards using CNC
  • 2+2 spoilboards contain two bottom scorers for better performance, finer surface finish and better clearance for 90º corners.
  • Planing large glued up panels using CNC
  • Surfacing and finishing wood using timber slab machines
  • Rabbeting or slotting


  • 2+2 design
  • 4-sided solid carbide insert knives
  • Exclusive carbide grade for highest quality of cut
  • Maximum cutting efficiency
  • Faster material removal process

Flutes: 2 + 2, Diameter (D): 1-1/2", Cutting Height (B): 1/2", Shank Dia (d): 1/2", Overall Length (L): 2-5/16"

These industrial router bits feature solid carbide insert knives with four cutting edges that allow users to rotate the knife when one side becomes dull providing the highest-quality finish available on woodworking tools.

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