Axiom CNC Educational Curriculum Package - 32 Lessons


Integrating CNC into schools has become a wonderful way of bringing technology into the classroom;  Unfortunately, many of these machines are not being used to their full potential.

Now, with Axiom's 32 Lesson CNC Curriculum Package, even novice instructors can bring their CNC to life!!  This package starts at the beginning and introduces students to both the CNC machine itself but more importantly, the software that drives them.

Based on the world famous VCarve Pro software platform, these lesson plans build skills needed to design and create projects that will engage students of all skill levels.

Provided in Power Point and printable PDF formats, this package has everything you need to get started.  

Educational Package Curriculum Lesson Plans Summary

  1. Brief look at the history if the modern CNC machine.  Overview of the terminology used with the Vectric VCarve software
  2. Overview of the Vectric Software Job Setup
  3. VCarve a name
  4. VCarve a Dragon imported from an image
  5. VCarve a Lion Head imported from vectors
  6. Machine Setup and Use
  7. Bits and the tool Database
  8. Drawing Circles
  9. Text on a Curve
  10. Drawing Vectors
  11. More Node Editing
  12. Sign Making
  13. Adding Tabs
  14. Layers
  15. Stacked Text Part 1
  16. Stacked Text Part 2
  17. Keyboard Shortcuts
  18. VCarve Maps
  19. Tool Tray
  20. Stacked Dish
  21. Slotted Star
  22. Tessellations
  23. MCE Lizard
  24. Sign with textured Background
  25. Box Creator Gadget
  26. Vector Alignment
  27. Two Sided Cutting Part 1
  28. Two Sided Cutting Part 2
  29. Inlays
  30. Plate Production
  31. Using 3D Clipart
  32. Slicing a 3D model

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