Bosch RS006 Sander Vacuum Hose Adaptor

SKU Bosch RS006

Connects many older Bosch sanders with vacuum hoses and vacuum hose adapters.

  • Fits Bosch sander models 1293D, 1295D, 1295DH, 1295DP, 1295DVS, 1297D, 3107DVS, 3725DVS, 3727DVS, 3725DEVS, 3727DEVS.
  • Fits Bosch vacuum hoses VAC001, VAC010, VAC005, VAC006, VAC007, VAC008, VAC009, VAC010, VAC021 and VAC025.
  • Also connects to Bosch VAC002 or VAC024 vacuum hose adapter to allow connection to standard North American 1-1/4 In. or 1-1/2 In. vacuum hoses.