Bosch T101BIF 3-1/4" Laminate Jigsaw Blade (5) Pack

by Bosch

Bosch "Special for Laminate" bimetal blades are optimized for laminated flooring materials and similar abrasive materials. Ideal for flooring installers who require straight, clean cuts in laminate flooring materials. T-shank design for maximum grip and stability which fits over 90% of current jigsaw makes and models.

  • First blade to market for laminate flooring
  • Taper Ground  for optimal speed and increased blade life
  • Pointed Teeth for precise clean cuts in laminate flooring and boards (14 TPI) on both sides of the workplace
  • Bi-Metal- Laser-welded Bi-Metal blade for long life. Specifically designed to cut extremely abrasive laminate flooring
  • 5 Pack

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