CMT 236.008.12 12" x 8T Industrial Fibre Cement Blade

by CMT
SKU CMT 236.008.12

Hardiplank and Hardipanel are becoming a household name with the building contractor. Cutting these materials efficiently while keeping the dust a minimum has been a challenge for tooling manufacturers. The CMT blade offers smooth cuts and reduces dust while keeping a sharp edge. Due to the success of the CMT solution for the cutting of fiber cement board, quality contractors have been clamoring for CMT to manufacture a 10" and 12" version of our blade to solve the problem of mitering this material. CMT is happy to introduce a 10" and 12" version of the Hardiplank and Hardipanel blade for use of miter saws.

  • Diamond cutting teeth last 60 times longer than standard carbide saw blades
  • Compatible with portable circular saws and miter saws
  • Cuts hardiplank, hardiepanel, fiber cement products and plasterboard
  • Anti-vibration design which means less chattering during cutting and consequently it lengthens the life of the saw blade
  • Low-noise saw blade to be used on portable circular saws and miter saws
  • Diameter: 12″
  • Bore diameter: 1″
  • Number of teeth: 8


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