CMT 250.024.08 8-1/4" x 24T Industrial Thin Kerf Blade

SKU CMT 250.024.08

Take the finest industrial quality blade right to the job site with CMT's new ITK Framing / Decking blades. Offered in 7-1/4" & 8-1/4" diameters with 24 micrograin carbide teeth, these tools are designed for rips and general cut off work where speed and efficiency are the key considerations. They feature a combination of one flat-top tooth followed by a pair of alternating top bevel teeth the ideal combination for accurate, efficient cuts with hand-held saws. And those teeth are ground from a special carbide that stands up well to the occasional nail or other imperfection you encounter in harsh construction environments.

  • For framing/decking & general construction. Excellent rip/crosscut on wood.
  • To be used on portable and cordless circular saws to cut lumber, plywood and OSB sheets.
  • 0.071 kerf thickness, 0.043 plate thickness, 15º Hook Angle, 1 Flat + 2/20º alternate teeth Grind.
  • Micrograin carbide for long-lasting cutting performance and smooth cut on wood/wood products.
  • Laser-cut plate features expansion slots to reduce noise and anti-vibration design