CMT 811.001.11 3-piece Plywood Groove Set in Carrying Case, 1/4"

SKU CMT 811.001.11

The only set to use if you are making joints in plywood. Since plywood thickness tends to be thinner than nominal dimensions, CMT offers you a way to work around the problem - our Plywood Groove Set includes three specifically selected bits designed for making clean grooves and dadoes for accurate fitting joints. Use our 23/32" bit for 3/4" thick ply, 31/64" bit for 1/2" ply and our 15/64" for 1/4" ply. No gaps or sloppy joints, guaranteed. All (3) bits feature 1/4"shanks.

After a test performed by Wood Magazine, CMT orange bits have been rated the first overall router bits compared to other brands.

Diameter (D): 23/32", 31/64", 15/64"