CMT 855.002.11 Drawer Lock Bit, 1-1/4" Diameter, 1/4" Shank

SKU CMT 855.002.11

he key to success when constructing quality drawers is in the quality of the drawer lock bit you use. With CMT Drawer Lock Bits you can make strong, perfectly fitting joints quickly and easily. As illustrated below, mill the drawer front with the inside face down flat on the work table. Mill the sides of the drawer with the inside face placed vertical to the bit and fence and perpendicular to the table. These bits are to be used on router tables only and are not to be used on hand held routers.

Diameter (D): 1-1/4"
Overall Length (L): 1-3/4"
Cutting Height (I): 1/2"
Material Thickness (T1): 5/8" - 1"

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