CMT 855.505.11 Lock Miter Set, 1/2" Shank

by CMT
SKU CMT 855.505.11

Now you don't have to fight with those awkward clamps on your 22-1/2 projects. Use this pair of bits to produce octagon shaped boxes and popular corner cabinetry like corner cabinets for kitchens, entertainment centers, kitchen islands and corner hutches. This 22-1/2" Lock Miter set provides a strong tight joint when you want to join wood at 45 angles. Joining with biscuits or splines is time consuming and difficult to clamp. CMT's matched pair of cutters makes set-up easy. Height adjustment is not critical with this matched pair, simply adjust your fence so the top edge of the work piece intersects the angle of the bit where it meets the fence. After your joints are machined they can be glued up and assembled and simply clamped with strapping tape.

Diameter (D): 1-15/32"
Overall Length (L): 2-3/8"
Cutting Height (I): 7/8'
Material Thickness (T1): 3/8" - 3/4'

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