CMT Enlock Joining System


The innovative CMT Enlock joining system is designed to build the strongest T-Inch joints, miter joints and Widening-Inch joints using the patented E15 and E10 dovetail keys. The dovetail slots in each piece to be joined are machined quickly and accurately using the CMT Enlock jig. You simply clamp your work piece in the jig, set your bit depth and you are ready to rout.

The jig features strong cast aluminum construction throughout the body, top plate, stops and clamping bar producing perfect and strong joints for life. Standard Equipment includes - Joining system CMT Enlock 1, Master pack (50 keys) CMT Enlock 10 and Instruction manual with companion DVD.
  • Width rang 1-3/16-Inch 2-61/64-Inch - Thickness range 3/4-Inch 1-3/8-Inch
  • Solid cast aluminum body
  • Adjustable miter blocks for miter joints in picture frames
  • Strong and versatile clamping bar ensures no movement of the work piece
  • Clamp extension arm to make widening joints