Fein 63502126270 Precision E-Cut - 1-3/8" Starlock Plus - (3) Pack

SKU FEIN 63502126270
  • 1-3/8" wide 2" Depth of cut
  • Fastest work progress and maximum precision
  • Perfect for cutting door jambs, toe kicks and kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Made in Germany
  • (3) Blades per pack

1-3/8" Wide double row of Japanese style teeth allow for fast cutting in wood for your oscillating tool. This tooth configuration allows for the highest cutting speed and precision with for wood up to 2 inch, drywall and soft plastics. This blade has flush cutting capabilities which makes it perfect for cutting door jambs and toe kicks. Flooring jobs are made easy with this trim saw even when cutting a register in the floor. The Starlock system allows you to fit this on almost all oscillating tools.