Dimar 107RL4-6 S/F Straight Bit, 1/4" Diameter, 1/4" Shank, Single Flute

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SKU Dimar 107RL4-6S/F

This ultimate one flute straight bit is perfect for cutting narrow grooves and channels, such as drawer bottoms. This bit was designed for high production work with maximum chip clearance for faster feed rates.

  • Perfect for vertical and gradual plunging
  • Cuts most composite materials, plywood, hardwoods, and softwoods
  • Use on CNC, Hand-held routers, and table-mounted portable routers
  • Radial relief technology-enabled: ensures minimal loss of carbide diameter when sharpening, increases tool life, and saves almost 8x the cost of regular sharpening
Shank (s): 1/4"
Cutting (I): 1"
Diameter (D): 1/4"