Dimar 242R8-40-1 (2pc) Ogee Rail & Stile Bit Set, 1/2" Shank

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SKU Dimar 242R8-40-1


This ultimate rail and stile set is recommended for furniture and architectural purposes, making cabinet doors and various frame-and-panel combinations. Our stile and rail sets come with two pieces, one for rail cuts and the other for stile cuts. 

  • Carbide-tipped for maximum performance
  • Cuts most hardwood and softwood
  • Ideal for stock from 5/8" to 7/8" thick
  • Can be used on most table-mounted portable routers
Diameter (D) 1 5/8"
Number of Cutters 2
Shank (d) 1/2"
Cutting Length (B) 1/4"
Overall Length (L) 3 5/16"
Technology Carbide Tipped
Tools Table Router
Material Soft Wood, Hard Wood