Dimar 8-24 DADO 8" x 24T Wood / Melamine Dado Set

by Dimar

DIMAR's dado sets are produced to conform to the strict tolerances of the German codes and are equal to those of the highest quality anywhere in the world.

The DIMAR 8-24 Dado will last longer, save you money, and take on the toughest of jobs. If your saw machine can stand the pressure, so will this set.

The design of the Dimar 8-24 meets SawStop safety recommendations for use with their table saws.

The Blank: Made from hot-rolled chrome-alloy tool steel, it is tensioned and straightened to give you the best results that only a heavy duty dado can give. Saw body hubs are CNC machine ground and are an integral part of the blank. This will give you stability and better performance during demanding jobs. Laser cut bodies (not stamped) ensure accurate and balanced dado for reduced possible vibration.

The Carbide Teeth: The highest grade of carbide is used to give you the longest possible life between sharpening, and yet endure the toughest jobs without failing. The teeth are longer to give you better chip removal results. The automatic tooth braising is tested by infrared detectors to ensure proper tooth bonding and strength of at least 40 Kg/Sq mm to the dado blank.

The Chippers: Five chippers are provided. Four 1/8", one 1/16" thick. This configuration will give you less vibration and will save you money each time you sharpen your dado set.

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