Easy Wood Tools PT150 Easy Parting Tool

SKU Easy Wood Tools PT150
The second generation Easy Parting Tool™ from Easy Wood Tools cuts clean and provides precise and stable control, with a flexible approach for side cutting and undercutting techniques. This tool comes with a replaceable stainless steel cutter blade that contains a permanent mounted Negative Rake Carbide Cutter for smooth, clean parting through all materials – no sharpening required. The improved reach of this tool allows for bigger projects up to 5" diameter, while still offering stable control.

The one-of-a-kind grained American Maple handle features a copper ferrule that gives strength. Tool comes with an installed replaceable Negative Rake Carbide Cutter Blade and a 5/32" standard hex key that makes changing the cutter blade quick and easy.

  • 14" American Maple handle
  • 1/8" cut width
  • 2-1/2" blade length
  • 5" maximum part off diameter
  • 19" overall length