Festool 201353 Domino Connector Set SV-SYS

by Festool
  • The Domino connection Systainer provides all parts of the corner and flat connector system – sufficient parts for 32 corner connectors and 16 flat connectors
  • The corner and flat connector system for the DOMINO XL DF 700 joining machine enables stable connections that can be separated again at a material thickness of 30 mm or higher
  • For frame and rack joints (corner connectors) and board connections (flat connectors) that will impress you with extreme precision and stability as well as maximum flexibility and unique efficiency
  • Extremely quick thanks to simple milling using machine stops or pencil markings. No template or other accessories required
  • Extremely stable with dowel and clamping element for strong connections. High pulling and tightening distance. Extremely high pull-out and load forces
  • Extremely flexible and can be detached again quickly if necessary
  • With cover caps in three colours for a high-quality corner connection appearance
16 double-headed bolts, SV-DB D14
32 anchor bolts, SV-AB D14
32 x Domino birch D 14 x 75
32 split anchors, SV-SA D14
2 x 32 cross anchors, SV-QA D14
SW 4 pin wrench for tightening the set screws
SV-V D14 widener for 32 cross anchors
32 cover caps, silver, SV-AK D14 slr
32 cover caps, dark brown, SV-AK D14 brn1
32 cover caps, light brown, SV-AK D14 brn2

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