Festool 576794 Domino / Cutter Assortment Systainer


The ultimate accessory for your Festool Domino. The Festool 498899 Domino and Cutter assortment systainer in T-Loc systainer lets you demo every cutter and try a taste of just about every Domino. Find what works for you best and get a nice T-Loc Systainer to store your Dominos and snazzy lil case for your coveted Domino cutters. A wide range of sizes helps you determine the best Domino for the job.

Assortment includes 5 Cutters, Domino Assortment Systainer, and 1255 tenons. Tenon assortment: 4 x 20mm (450), 5 x 30mm (300); 6 x 40mm (190); 8 x 40mm (130); 8 x 50mm (100); 10 x 50mm (85). Cutter assortment: D4mm (1), D5mm (1); D6mm (1); D8mm (1); D10mm (1).