Festool 500251 Vecturo Plunge Base/Depth Stop Set

  • Precision placement on scribe marks
  • Virtually splinter-free sawing of delicate surfaces
  • Perpendicular plunge cuts
  • Cutting false joints right up to adjacent surfaces
  • Plunge cuts with defined depth
  • Guided sawing along scribe mark
  • Greater accuracy with the positioning aid: ideal for cutouts in delicate materials
  • Flexible operation, short set-up times: depth stop, positioning aid and blades are mounted without using tools
  • enables precision positioning and sawing along a scribe mark as well as plunge cuts to a defined depth
Fits Festool OS400 Vecturo Oscillating Multitool
Max. plunge depth, depth stop 56 mm
Max. plunge depth, sliding shoe 20 mm
Max. plunge depth with position guide 60 mm
Notch scale on depth adjuster 1,5 mm
weight 0,47 kg