Festool 576039 PS 300 EQ Barrel Grip Jigsaw

by Festool

Most jigsaws have a hard time staying on course. Hard material and curves can easily cause the blade to deflect, resulting in time consuming re-cutting or sanding. Trion jigsaws are designed with adjustable carbide-tipped jaws that work with the blade clamping system and back-up bearing for triple blade guidance that keeps the blade perpendicular to the shoe at all times, even on curves. The barrel grip PS 300 is designed to fit your hand with a low center of gravity.

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Includes: Chip guard, Multi-purpose wood saw blades (qty 2), Plug-it power cord, Splinterguard, Systainer SYS3 M 137 with organizational insert

Specifications: Bevel adjustment 0 - 45 Cutting depth, non-ferrous metals 3/4" Cutting depth, steel soft 3/8" Cutting depth, wood 4 3/4" Power consumption 720 watts / 6 amps 120 v AC Stroke adjustment Four stages Stroke rate (1") 1,000 - 2,900 spm Weight 5.06 lbs.

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