Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF500Q Set

by Festool

Joining has always been a slow, difficult process. Never again, thanks to the Festool 574432 Domino joining system. The system consists of the Domino joiner and pre-fabricated, Beech and Sipo Domino tenons. The Domino joiner, with its revolutionary cutting method, simple indexing features and adjustable mortise sizing, makes flawless mortises every single time.

  • Create durable, long lasting mortise and tenon joints in seconds
  • 100% rotation proof, solid wood tenons for reliable, secure joints
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments for precise, consistent results
  • Versatile system is ready for virtually any type of joint in nearly any material
  • Precise, reliable adjustments and stops allow you to do in seconds what has traditionally taken hours
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The Festool Domino is the only tool that brings true mortise and tenon joinery to the palm of your hand and out of the workshop. The Domino will save you significant time and money. The Domino utilizes a drill bit style cutter that spins, while oscillating, creating mortises in easily adjustable sizes from 4-10mm in width and up to 50mm in depth. This unique cutter style, coupled with many versatile features, quickly adapting the tool to the job, makes mortise and tenon joinery fun, fast and easy.

The Domino’s rapid, repeatable mortising action and easy changeover between tenons and cutters (in only seconds) make tenon joinery faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before. The Domino tenons fit perfectly into the mortise helping create a strong, secure and resilient joint. The Domino has made mortise and tenon joinery repeatable, consistent and mobile. No longer is joinery a tedious and dubious task requiring many hours working with large shop equipment.

  • Multiple cutters and tenons available - create mortises from 4x20mm to 10x50mm
  • Precise Positioning – Utilizing an adjustable fence angle, retractable stops, adjustable cutter height and precise mortise depth stop
  • Superior dust extraction keeps the work piece and area almost dust free
  • Includes Cross & Trim Stops eliminate witness marks, guess work and allow for precise mortises even in thin stock


  • (1) Domino Cutter (5mm)
  • (1) Plug-it Power Cord
  • (1) Support Bracket
  • (1) Wrench
  • (1) Trim Stop
  • (1) Cross Stop
  • (1) T-Loc Systainer 2

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