Festool 575219 PLANEX LHS 225 Drywall Sander

by Festool

For best in industry drywall preparation, there is one tool on the market - the PLANEX LHS 225 long-reach sander. With an easily adjustable length, supremely quick material removal speed and an extremely long service life, this Festool Planex Drywall Long Reach Sander is like nothing you've laid hands on before. It's lightweight, perfect balance, adjustable power, removable brush edges and more, it's sure to make one of the most time consuming, difficult and expensive tasks everything but that. Sand ceilings, walls and more in literally a fraction of the time required by other tools and accessories. The Festool Planex will save you money and time. Hours spent prepping and cleaning up work will be eliminated.

The Festool Planex excels in two areas: the sanding of plasterboard and drywall as well as the removal of wallpaper and other residue.

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Paired with the Festool CT 36 AC Auto Clean Dust Extractor you can expect dustless removal of drywall and other materials. Setup, execution of sanding and clean up are cut in half. The Planex allows for the fastest and simplest prep and material removal in the industry. Sanding drywall used to be a difficult, expensive job. Festool has changed drywall sanding forever with the Planex drywall sander.
Like all Festool Tools, the Festool Planex drywall sander will help you quickly realize your return on investment in time saved as well as material and consumable costs. With dust free sanding, inexpensive sandpaper, a myriad of accessories and ease of use it's not practical to sand drywall all day long with no fatigue and no clean up needed. Overhead, on a wall or in a tight hallway, the modular and adjustable Planex drywall sander by Festool has you covered. When sanding above, utilize the harness or variable suction to reduce the perceived weight of the Planex by sucking it to the ceiling. Practically weightless, the Planex sander will support it's own weight! 

  • Two-speed gears for efficient, rapid material removal on walls and ceilings
  • Perfectly balanced for easy handling
  • Robust, reliable drive components and efficient power transfer
  • Adjustable suction power decreases the perceived weight of the machine
  • Detachable brush segment allows sanding up to the edge

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