Festool 575757 Bluetooth DWC18 Cordless Drywall Sander

by Festool

The new Festool DWC 18 cordless brushless drywall screw gun features a convenient auto-triggered mode which allows you to depress the screw gun to drive screws without holding the trigger, reducing fatigue especially when working overhead. Combined with a powerful brushless motor, the auto-trigger mode significantly extends battery life and the life of the drill itself due to less wear. A micro-adjustable depth setting let's you fine tune the depth of screws to within 1/256 of an inch for perfect results every time. The collation magazine, which is compatible with many brand of collated screws, can be rotated 360 degrees which is helpful in tight areas. No adjustments are needed when switching between various sizes of screws and partially used strips of screws can be easily loaded into the machine. A lightweight, compact form factor along with integrated scaffold and belt hooks make extended use comfortable and convenient.

  • Precision, wear-free electronic switch-off function for accurate insertion depths and a long service life
  • Energy-saving function for machine start/stop without actuating the main switch
  • Robust, brushless EC motor for maximum efficiency and durability
  • Rapid change to magazine attachment without using tools
  • Lithium ion battery for a greater fastening capacity per battery charge

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  • (1) DWC 18-4500 Screw Gun
  • (1) TCL 6 Charger
  • (1) Magazine for Collated Screws
  • (1) Depth Stop Chuck
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder
  • (1) Phillips #2 Bit
  • (2) Phillips #2 Long Bits
  • (2) Bluetooth Battery Packs, Lithium-Ion 3.1 Ah

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