Festool 6" (150mm) RUBIN-2 Discs + Multi-Jetstream 2


Festool 6" (150mm) Rubin 2 Discs

Festool's Rubin 2 sets a new standard for efficiency - perfect for all wood-finishing applications. Rubin 2 is designed to minimize the time spent on each level with a 30% faster removal rate and a 30% longer sheet life. Rubin 2 was developed for natural wood, wood composites and veneers and has a special coating which sheds wood fibers. Use on hardwoods like oak or maple, soft woods like pine or fir, tropical woods like ebony or teak, as well as on wood-based products.

  • High-tech coatings
  • Hook & Loop Sandpaper
  • D6"
  • Rubin 2 classification for bare wood
  • Quantity 50
  • Select a Grit from the drop-down menu