General P-183 Thrust Bearing Replacement Set (2pc) - 490/690 Bandsaw

SKU General P-183 Set

These high-quality replacement bearings are double-sealed with rubber O-rings to keep out sawdust and contaminants. They are factory lubricated with high-temperature grease and if their faces get scored, you can reverse them for extended life. This set fits General 490 & 690 Canadian made bandsaws with standard factory blade guides.  It includes top and bottom bearing. 

A bandsaw's thrust bearings are often the weakest link in the blade guide system. Even if you've smoothed the blade's back and rounded its corners, the pressure put on the thrust bearings in the process of cutting thick wood can wear out OEM bearings (a tempting place to save manufacturing costs) lickety-split. If your saw's thrust bearings are sloppy, frozen, scored, or feel gritty when you spin them, then they're overdue for replacement.