Jessem 02120 MAST-R-LIFT II

by JessEm
  • The new Mast-R-Lift II has 5 double sealed bearings added to the rotation of the Lift spindle (2 on the spindle and 3 on the cam lock)
  • These provide a lifetime of use for your Lift and even with the heaviest router on the market your Lift can be raised and lowered with one finger.
  • JessEm also added a cam lock that is accessible from the top surface and is engaged with the use of the same crank handle used to raise and lower the Lift.
  • The Mast-R-Lift II fits every fixed base router on the market right out of the box.
  • Hard anodized surface treatment provides thick abrasion resistant coating for top plate
  • All components on the Mast-R-Lift II are CNC-machined at JessEm's machining center in Barrie, Ontario, Canada
  • Size: 9-1/4" X 11-3/4"  (Fits JessEm 03004 Top)

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