King 10-15021260 Guide Bearing Replacement Set (8pc) - KC-1502FXB Bandsaw

by King
SKU General 10-15021260 Set

If your saw's bearings are sloppy, frozen, scored, seized, or feel gritty when you spin them, then they're overdue for replacement.

  • This set fits General 14" Bandsaw Models 90-170 / 90-170B, King KC-1502FXB,  and Magnum 91500 with standard factory blade guides. 
  • It includes (1) top and (1) bottom thrust bearing, (4) top and (2) bottom guide bearings.  (8) bearings in total.

These high-quality replacement bearings are double-sealed with rubber O-rings to keep out sawdust and contaminants. They are factory lubricated with high-temperature grease and if their faces get scored, you can reverse them for extended life.

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