King KAC-1400 Ambient Air Cleaner 1400 CFM

  • High-output CFM Industrial Air Cleaner quietly improves the air quality of your workshop at 3 speed requirements (950 / 1,085 / 1,400 CFM)
  • 2 stage filtration, one disposable 5 Micron outer filter and 1 Micron inner three pocket filter
  • LED filter change indicator light on control panel notifies user when filters need to be cleaned or replaced 
  • Remote control with timer settings for continuous operation or automatically shuts the air cleaner off after 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours
  • Designed to either be set on a workbench or hung from a ceiling
  • Adjustable air outlet vents
  • 9” impeller
  • Easy grip handles allow easy transportation
  • Comes with remote control, 9V battery and four eye bolts