Mirka Premium 37" x 60" Wide Sanding Belt (80 - 150 Grit)

by Mirka
SKU Mirka 37X60 80X
Mirka 37" x 60" Wide Sanding Belt
  • Mirka Hiolit X is an excellent abrasive material
  • Open coat structure reduces material build up between grains
  • Antistatic properties reduce dust deposits on the workpiece and in the machine
  • Hiolit produces extremely high quality results
  • Dimensions: 37" X 60"
  • Grit: Choose from 80-150 grit belts
  • Made in Finland
Grain: Aluminum Oxide
Backing: Very Sturdy Polyester Cloth
Bonding: Resin over Resin
Special Features: Open Coat with Antistatic Properties
Product Color: Maroon

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