Kreg KPHJ320 Pocket-Hole Jig Double Drill Guide

by Kreg
SKU Kreg KPHJ320

The all-new Kreg® 320 Pocket-Hole Jig is packed with features that make it easy for anyone to use – whether you’re building your first wood projects or you’ve been building for years. Pocket-Hole Jig 320 provides the simplicity, versatility, and convenience you want, plus the durability and value you expect from Kreg – the #1 pocket-hole brand.

  • Join material thicknesses from 1/2" to 1-1/2"
  • Two hardened-steel drill guides with removable spacer for convenient hole spacing
  • Anti-slip base material and universal clamp adapter positions the jig securely
  • Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Drill Bit, Stop Collar and Thickness Gauge Hex Wrench make setup simple
  • Includes durable case and (40) sample Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws
Using the Pocket-Hole Jig 310 helps you quickly build wood projects fast that using pocket-hole joinery. Pocket-Hole Jig 320 allows you to build wood projects by joining the pieces together with a strong, simple pocket-hole joint. The jig positions and supports a stepped drill bit that drills a pocket-hole using an ordinary hand drill. Drill pocket-holes in solid wood, hardwood and other composites at the correct position and angle using an ordinary hand drill. Then, you can join pieces together using a Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw. Pocket-Hole Jig 320 is also great for making repairs to almost anything built of wood. Simply set the jig and the drill bit to match the thickness of your material – from 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick – clamp the Pocket-Hole Jig along the edge or end of the piece you want to drill into, and drill the hole. Then attach the two pieces together by placing a Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw in the pocket-hole and driving it into the adjoining piece to create an incredibly strong wood project structure quickly and easily.

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