Kunz No 9-1/2 Block Hand Plane

SKU Kunz No 9-1/2

Kunz is a family owned company that has been manufacturing premium performance planes exclusively in Germany since 1992. Using cutting edge technology Kunz are recognised worldwide as a leading authority in the design and manufacture of hand planes and spokeshaves. This 9-1/2 block plane features a standard 20° block plane blade angle. Overall length is 7", blade with is 1 5/8".

  • Precision manufactured in Germany
  • Designed as an extremely precise planing tool
  • Body made from an annealed grey iron casting
  • Plane iron made from tool steel hardened to 60 to 62 HRC
  • Compact body fits comfortably in your hand

The 7" long body of the plane is made from a fine grey iron casting which is coated with green epoxy resin and then finely ground on the base. The 1-5/8" wide plane iron is made from tool steel which has been hardened and tempered to guarantee a long edge life. This is an excellent compact yet very precise hand plane.

Made in Germany.